“A New Relationship to your City”

Marilyn excites and unites people. She helps people navigate uncertainty. She mobilizes and moves people forward. She is a mother, a Canadian Forces veteran, and the first Blackfoot woman to run for Calgary City Council.

Marilyn’s refreshingly honest and direct approach to challenges has proven that she can get things done. She was part of the citizen advisory committee that produced the White Goose Flying report, the local response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls to action.

Marilyn is solution-oriented, she is an evidenced-based decision maker and she approaches every situation with incredible compassion. She is a prominent voice for inclusion, racial equity, safety and sustainability in the arts community, the non-profit community, and as a member of the Calgary Police Commission. Now, she is running for City Council to help build a community and City that can recover and thrive. Her sights are set seven generations into the future.

Coffee Chats with Marilyn

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