Conversation Among Candidates-May 10 2021

May 18, 2021 – Events

In case you missed it! Here is the May 10 event link for your viewing enjoyment.

(63) Conversations Among Candidates – May 10 – YouTube

“Let’s talk, let’s build, let’s dream and inspire each other. Let’s have a conversation. We don’t get to pick our colleagues but that doesn’t mean we can’t build relationships before election day.
Conversations Among Candidates is just that – talking, not posturing. It’s a chance for us to get curious about each other, issues across the city, and how we can work together to achieve common goals”.

I wish to thank our Ward 11 candidate, Kourtney Branagan, for this incredibly fun experience of learning together! Look for Kourtney at

Jennifer Sanford was pretty cool too, have to say I’ve been a fan for awhile!



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