Donor Disclosure

Below, we list the names of donors to our campaign. We are required to submit our donor list to Elections Calgary by March, 2022. We share our donor list now to promote transparency and enhance our democracy.

Donations ($500 to $5000)

C. Gibson
J. Jackson
M. Peigan
W. McClary
A. Srivastava
J. Lawrence
J. Scott
L. Silver
M. Hammer
R. Randers
W. Dottridge

Donations ($100 to $499)

C. Johnston
K. Daies
L. Moulding
N. Hawryluk
N. Keefer
R. Haslam
R. Hernandez
I. Wasylyshen
L. Fox
R. Knowlton
S. Cornett
C. Jensen
J. Lajoie
K. Smith
E. Lee
A. Fraser
A. Knowlton
A. Shimoon
A. Wolfe

C. Steele
D. LeClair
D. Pascut
E. Leavitt
H. Fensury
J. Cameron
J. Mathews-Thusoo
J. Morris
J. Wiehler
K. Branagan
L. Young
M. Atkinson
N. Scott-Douglas
O. English
R. Paul
S. Neill
S. Reid
S. Robinson
T. Penton

C. Yellow Head

Donations Amounts of <$100

C. Schick
C. Huston
M. Robinson
V. Urschel
A. Brigden
A. Foote
A. Keeping
A. Ta
G. Smith
J. Kowalchuk
J. MacLaughlan
J. Tsang
K. Kelly-Turner
K. Ortiz Soliz
L. Nixon
L. Parken
M. Hopkins
M. McClay
S. Flynn
S. Renfrow
D. Soppet

S. Stevens
V. Sipos
A. Alexander
M. McKeon
A. Palmer
B. Boser
B. Raymer
C. Hickie
J. Thomas
K. Dowdell
K. Gerry
K. Kelly
L. Bergin
M. Hadley
P. Close
S. Carrie
C. Temple
J. Mather
S. Grabinsky
S. Winstanley